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Discovering House Dresses

Swelter-Free Fashion for Warm-Weather Days

Vintage House Dresses

House dresses have been around for generations. They are typically very practical dresses made of easy care fabrics. They are comfortable, no frill dresses intended for doing chores or quick errands.

When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s in Southern California, all the moms (including mine) wore house dresses…often called muumuus in this part of the country. So in my mind, I have always associated house dresses with older ladies and certainly not a cool thing to wear.

These days, I receive a few clothing catalogs in the mail that devote a page or two to house dresses. I quickly turn the page…NO muumuus for this lady!! Nope not interested in those frumpy dresses!! Those are for the older generation and even though I am now officially a member of the older generation, nope, not going to wear a muumuu!!


A couple of weeks ago, after taking my morning shower, I searched my closet for something casual and loose to pop on until it was time to get properly dressed. I pulled out my bathrobe and decided it was really too heavy for this time of year. My mind wandered to those house dresses in the catalog. Hmm, actually that might be kind of ideal for wearing when just out of the shower. Maybe I should reconsider…so I got out the catalog and ordered one.

Here’s the house dress I ordered from the Vermont Country Store catalog.

Now that the ordering was done, I had the anticipation of waiting for it to arrive. Every time I took a shower I thought of the house dress that I didn’t have yet. It was a long week before the package was delivered. When it finally arrived, I eagerly opened the box and pulled out my new house dress/muumuu.

The first thing I discovered was the quality of the cotton fabric. This dress was actually made really well, even with French seams! This dress will be able to take a ‘beating and keep on…’well, dresses don’t tick, but you get what I’m trying to say. This dress is made to last!! I held it up and decided it didn’t even look frumpy…well, not too much anyway. I pulled it over my head…and it fits perfectly, even the shoulder seams. And what a huge surprise….this dress is COMFY! There is nothing snug or binding…just all around comfort! So much more comfortable than jeans or leggings or shorts and a t-shirt. What a discovery! This dress is a keeper!

I decided to Google house dresses to see if anyone else has been enlightened to the comforts of house dresses. And sure enough, it seems that house dresses and muumuus made a comeback during the pandemic lockdown. Ladies looking for comfortable clothing that is also Zoom meeting appropriate, have turned to house dresses! Its a THING!! Who knew?? House dresses are back!!

I found these interesting blogs. They are much better at articulating about house dresses than I am, so I hope you will check them out.




Armed with this new appreciation of house dresses/muumuus, I’ve decided I want to get a couple more. Now where is that catalog?

Or better yet, maybe I should be SEWING some!