Great Britain

Beginning Wednesday, May 7, 2014, I will be traveling to England, Scotland, and Wales for three weeks. I hope to journal the trip and post pictures on this page. Please be patient with me, since I’m still quite a newbie on WordPress and I am fumbling my way around. Since I will be working from my iPad, that just adds another challenge. But I’m up for it and we will see what happens. If nothing appears here in the beginning, please be patient. I might have to wait until my return to get things posted.


I am going to rescind this idea bout having a separate page for the Great Britain journaling, as I realize I don’t know how to add additional posts to this page. However, I will certainly try my hand at sending posts from Great Britain and if successful, they will appear on the front page on my blog.

Here is a little teaser though. I’m hopeful that I’ll get to see quaint cottages like this one!

Cotwold cottage


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One thought on “Great Britain

  1. I will be looking forward to your posts. I have been to England several times, but not Wales and it is on my bucket list. I will especially look for those posts 🙂 Have a great time!!

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