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The Calla Lilies are in Bloom Again

Calla Lily - All You Need to Know

For the first time in over 20 years, I have a backyard with flower beds. We’ve been living here for about 5 months, from late fall through the winter. Of course, in Southern California we don’t have much of a winter, but the temps do drop a bit and it does effect the local growing season. We’ve had many plants blooming throughout the winter, especially the azaleas and the camellias. Many other plants are blooming now too, but currently the one that is taking my breath away is the Calla Lily.

Calla Lily Bulbs - Aethiopica | Spring Flower Bulbs | Eden Brothers

I’ve never had a Calla Lily plant before, so I’ve never had the thrill of watching the blooms unfurl and opening to such magnificent grandeur! And oh, grand they are! The pure white, sophisticated upright flowers really take my breath away. They are simply the most beautiful, yet simple, flower I can imagine. I am smitten with them!

There is a quote by Katherine Hepburn from the movie Stage Door (1937): “The calla lilies are in bloom again. Such a strange flower—suitable to any occasion. I carried them on my wedding day, and now I place them here in memory of something that has died.” I can imagine Katherine Hepburn holding a bouquet of calla lilies in her arms, cradling them as if she were holding a baby. And sure enough, here’s a picture of just that!

3 Lines About...: The Blooming of Hepburn's Calla Lilies | Calla lily, Lily,  Calla

Symbolically, Calla Lilies represent innocence, resurrection, and rebirth. Apparently they are often used at Easter services, but I have only seen Easter Lilies at the churches I’ve attended. And the look isn’t the same. There’s a good reason for that. Calla Lilies aren’t really lilies at all! According to my brief research, they are members of the same botanical family (Araceae) as caladiums and philodendron.

Yesterday, I cleared away an old unhealthy geranium from one of the flower beds. And guess what was lurking beneath just waiting for a breath of fresh air and sunshine. Yes, another Calla Lily! I hope this one blooms as abundantly as the first.

I’m told that cut Calla Lily flowers can last up to two weeks. I think I’ll get out a tall cylindrical vase and put that to the test! I’m so happy the Calla Lilies are in bloom!

Calla Lily Tall Arrangement | FLORALS & TREES | Ethan Allen