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Choices in 2019

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Its been quite awhile since I’ve written here. Someone mentioned to me today that they missed my writing. Imagine that! So here I am, writing to see what comes out of my head, because I have no plan. So lets see what words come tumbling out and see if they end up making any sense.

Its January 1, 2019. The old calendars have been removed and new ones are now in their places. January 1 represents a fresh start – a clean slate – a new beginning to make each day as good as it can be. It represents hopes and dreams for the days ahead and I enter 2019 with optimism. I realize that each and every moment of my life is filled with a choice!  I can do this – or I can do that. I can think this way – or I can think that way. I can eat this food – or I can eat that food. I have choices and each choice carries my life in the direction chosen.

For 2019 I am not making any resolutions because I never can keep them. But if I can just do one thing, it would be to take each moment and THINK about the choice I have to make right then and there. And if I make the better choices, then my life will be better for it.

And that’s what I’m thinking on this first day of January 2019. I hope to make the best choice in each moment.