I’m sitting on a beach chair on the grass in the backyard. I have kicked off my flip flops, drinking a glass of Chardonnay, and enjoying the weather on this mid-July day. The cool grass is soft and refreshing on my bare feet. In fact, I am ‘earthing’, which is to say my body is in direct contact with the earth and hopefully those good earth vibes are flowing into me. For the uninitiated “Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to contact with the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors .”

I have also been bonding with “Jackie”, the feral cat who seems to have adopted us. (I assume Jackie is a ‘her’). Jackie’s ear is clipped, which means she should have been spayed and so I should not be concerned about the little pudge around her middle!!

The weather on this day is simply glorious! At 4:15pm is it a perfect 75 degrees. Where I sit, I see a very blue sky and lots of green in the backyard. Thanks to the weekly gardener, this backyard is lovely. The Lily of the Nile flowers are fading, as is the hydrangea, but the bougainvillea has fresh flowers and some roses are ready to open up.

My focus is on the charming house view, the contented cat doing her preening (after she rubbed herself all up and down my legs), the crows cawing, and the butterflies doing their haphazard fly/dance around the yard.

This is serenity! This is bliss! And this is what contentment looks like!

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