Seiged by Seacret

It’s been a long time since I’ve written here. But I had an interesting experience the other day and I wanted to share it. I have a feeling there are a lot of others who have stories like mine they might want to share.

I live near a very large mall…one of the largest in the United States. I rarely go there because of the amount of local traffic. And usually, I figure I don’t need to purchase anything bad enough to suffer through what it takes to get there, find a place to park, and then walk through the acres of stores to find what I don’t need. My alternative is a small mall near where I work and normally that suits me just fine.

At my local mall, there used to be a particular kiosk where the salesman was particulary obnoxious. He used guerilla tactics to track down his prey. Anyone who came within shouting distance of that kiosk was sure to get accosted by this guy. He would offer a sample and then ask to look at your hands. Well, no way! I would take long detours and go through department stores to avoid this guy. I would do anything it took to avoid that section of the mall corridor.

So how is it then that I found myself in this large mall being sweet talked by a saleswoman using the same tactics? I really can’t explain how it happened. I was innocently walking by, saw her and tried to pretend I didn’t. I tried to keep walking…really I did. But there was something about her that was compelling…so I took the sample and yes, I let her look at my hands. “Oh,” she says, “you wash your hands a lot! Look at those ridges. That’s why you have splitting nails. Let me show you how I can help you!”  I rolled my eyes…and let her carry on.

She was demonstrating one of those little buffing blocks that clear away your ridges and make your nails smooth and shiny. I love those buffing blocks and quite honestly was in the market for a new one. But I was planning on buying a cheap one at the drug store. By time she finished demonstrating all the nail care products, my hand was looking pretty good and I was just about convinced…except for the price. I knew she could see I was thinking of relenting, and so she pulled out all the stops. Looking at me very closely, like I was a close friend and confident and telling me she was going to make me an offer because she really liked me. I laughed and told her she was an excellent sales person. She smiled and carried on. She said, “Ok, I am going to offer”….and I interrupted and said…”Oh, I know, two for the price of one, right?”  and I laughed. She looked taken aback and DID offer that. And yes, I did buy. Not only that, but I also bought some eye serum she demonstrated too.

Guess what? These seem to be quality products and yes, I think they work. That’s why I bought them. They were pricey, but when I look at the website, I see that I paid less than the published prices…even the sale prices for the nail products.

Why did I succumb and buy these products?  The first reason is that I did like the results I was seeing from the demonstrations. But in addition, I liked the sale person. She was really very good, convincing, personable, and out to make a sale, no matter what. I liked her determination and her attitude. Just like all of us, she’s trying to make a living and she is good at it. Her winning manner really is what made the sale.

She didn’t exactly reel me in…I went willingly.


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